Andrew Bogut Twitter Game: Taking Harrison Barnes’s Hashtag #BlackFalcon To Higher Heights

Andrew Bogut Twitter Game: Taking Harrison Barnes’s Hashtag #BlackFalcon To Higher Heights

andrew bogut twitter (Photo: @letsgowarriors Instagram account)

WARRIORS PRACTICE FACILITY, OAKLAND, CA — Golden State Warriors center Andrew Bogut has been having some fun this year on Twitter with forward Harrison Barnes:

We asked Barnes about the needling, last week at morning shootaround before the game against the Cleveland Cavaliers.

“He won’t get off my back, man!” Barnes said of Bogut.

Asked when it all started, Barnes was pretty specific.

“Actually, it was December 8th,” Barnes said, “That was the last time he did a hashtag #AskBogey question-and-answer and, you know, I jokingly said a few things and ever since then, he just never let me live it down.”

Of course, we don’t know what happened behind closed doors, but here is possibly a “smoking gun” tweet:

Perhaps Barnes made a comment about Bogut’s use of the #AskBogey hashtag. We don’t know for sure, but here was Bogut getting on Barnes for one of Barnes’s hashtags:

“He’s just big time on Twitter. He does a lot of big things,” Bogut said today at morning shootaround of Barnes, “The other day had a hashtag #HBmentor, if you want to scroll through his history. He’s had a #BlackFalcon, he’s had a ‘Harrison Barnes Ask’ or whatever it was. So, he’s big-time on Twitter.

“He started getting on me one day,” Bogut added “I’m not huge on Twitter. He started getting on me one day, so I just studied his profile up a little bit. He’s got a hashtag for almost every second tweet, so I started over-hashtagging it, just to show him that he’s not the only big guy in town.”

Barnes said he has his guard up now.

“I’m just trying to go about my everyday life and I know every time I’m eating with him or I’m going out, he gets real quiet on his phone and I have to check Twitter,” Barnes explained, “He’s always saying something on Twitter. We always try to have fun back and forth, but he’s a clown, man.”

Bogut gave us this classic vignette in response:

The presence of #BlackFalcon, you can’t describe it. Go out to lunch or you go on a bus and Harrison Barnes is there, you know, North Carolina alum — that’s Michael Jordan‘s school. You know, dunked on (Nikola) Pekovic last year. It’s unbelievable stuff. So whenever I can promote hashtag #BlackFalcon, I’m going to do so. I think it’s a great thing to promote.
I get quiet because I’m around Harri — I’m around #BlackFalcon. I get kind of shy and embarrassed and at a loss for words, so just to eat lunch with a person of that caliber is absolutely fantastic and it’s a credit to him that he allows me to eat lunch with him, allows me to ride on his bus, and allows me to be on his airplane. I’m very thankful everyday I’m around #BlackFalcon.
Hopefully he doesn’t get mad at this because I would hate to lose that exclusivity that I have with #BlackFalcon.”

And with that, Bogut headed to the locker room inside the Warriors’ practice facility. As he approached the far doorway, he turned and reminded us, “Hashtag Black Falcon!”

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