Can Steph and Seth Curry Be the Most Successful Brother Pairing in NBA History?

Can Steph and Seth Curry Be the Most Successful Brother Pairing in NBA History?

The Golden State Warriors’ signing of undrafted rookie guard Seth Curry will likely have little impact on the team’s success next season. But that doesn’t stop fans from celebrating the move over social media, where they tweeted excited welcomes for Stephen Curry’s younger brother.

The possible addition of Seth had been much talked about this off-season, but it didn’t seem likely until a few other teams dropped their offers. His decision came down to two teams, his hometown Charlotte Bobcats and his older brother’s Warriors.

The Duke guard’s contract isn’t guaranteed, but should Seth make Golden State’s opening day roster, he and Steph would become just the 11th brother tandem to play together in the NBA. That list includes twins Marcus Morris and Markieff Morris, who both currently play for the Phoenix Suns.

What would it take for them to become the best duo? Steph is already arguably the best player among the 22 players (which includes Dominique Wilkins, Mark Price, and Bernard King, all in the late stages of their careers).

Price, along with his brother Brent Price, probably had the best season, back in 1995-1996 with the Washington Bullets. The two combined to play 43 minutes per game, while both posting solid PERs (Brent finished at 17.5, Mark at 10.3). However, Mark played in just 7 games while dealing with injuries.

Back in 1976-1977, twins Dick Van Arsdale and Tom Van Arsdale combined for a record 1043 points (599 and 444, respectively), a number Steph Curry eclipsed by himself last season, when he scored 1786.

No other brother tandem has eclipsed 174 points each for the same team in the same year. Nor have any played together in consecutive seasons (until the Morris twins take the court in the upcoming season). Seth need contribute only minimally for the brothers to stake their claim as the best family members to lace up together in the NBA.

While they’ve got a long way to go before we consider throwing their names in with the All-Star careers of the Gasol brothers, Seth and Steph may well make history that was just missed last season.

No pairs of brothers have competed in the same NBA game. When the Suns met the Indiana Pacers in March of last season, the Pacers featured their own brother duo, with Tyler Hansbrough and Ben Hansbrough. The younger Ben didn’t get on the court in that game, and history was just missed out on.

This season offers multiple opportunities for such history, as the Warriors and Suns are scheduled to meet four times throughout the season.

There’s no telling what kind of career Seth might carve out in the NBA, or if he even makes an impact at all. But his signing makes for the potential of something very rare in the NBA. It’ll likely be pretty entertaining off the court, too.

Who knows what kind of hazing Steph has planned for his little brother. If Andre Iguodala’s giddiness is any indication, there’s quite a bit of fun in store. And practices? Well, one can only imagine the barrage of threes with Seth, Steph and Klay Thompson now sharing the same court.

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