Stephen Curry Team USA 2014: How The Experience Is Improving His Game

Stephen Curry Team USA 2014: How The Experience Is Improving His Game

Stephen Curry Team USA 2014: How The Experience Is Improving His Game (Photo: @letsgowarriors Instagram account @NBA Twitter account)

NEW YORK ATHLETIC CLUB, NEW YORK, NY — Golden State Warriors guard Stephen Curry has spent the last few weeks practicing and playing with some of the best basketball players in the world, as part of USA Basketball’s Men’s National Team (#USABMNT).

Curry has been opposite guards like John Wall, Damian Lillard, Kyrie Irving and Derrick Rose since Team USA mini-camp began in Las Vegas in late July, in preparation of the 2014 FIBA World Cup.

Like many past and current international players, Curry is looking to turn the experience not only into a Gold Medal, but a chance to improve and take his game to the next level.

While he doesn’t have any specific developmental goals to help him get to the next level this summer, he’s sure his time with Team USA will pay off.

“Really it’s nothing specific, when you are around great talent great minds you are going to get better just by surrounding yourself with those kinds of people,” Curry said, “There are so many great minds and basketball IQ’s that you are going to become a better player and a better presence by being here.”

The Warriors guard said he thinks this experience is the next step to help him get there, but he isn’t sure yet what exactly he’ll take from the experience.

“Everyone is going to get better in some shape or form and they can tell you better once we get back what it exactly was,” Curry said.

Mostly, Curry just hopes to absorb as much as he can from all the basketball knowledge and experience around him.

“I’ve had some great teammates some great coaches along the way, they’ve planted a lot of seeds in me,” Curry said. “It’s been a really rewarding journey.”

One of them, Davidson University head coach Bob McKillop, paid a visit to #USABMNT’s practice at the New York Athletic Club.

One of the biggest changes Curry has undergone in his five years in the league is his physical strength.

“Your body’s going to be different from your rookie year to your sixth year,” Curry said of the muscle he’s put on since entering the league, “It’s (about) how much time you have to work on it, to put effort into that part of your game. It was definitely a learning experience, trying to hold my lines when I was driving and especially defensively as well.”

The realization that adding to his game was just a matter of putting in the time “wasn’t like a light bulb moment at all,” and that it came with experience in the league.

“Each day there is something you can do to get better, something you can do to make your teammates better,” Curry added. “That’s all part of the process.”

While he’s happy with the improvement’s he’s made in the past few seasons, he doesn’t think he’s had that one defining moment in his career.

“That’s been my goal, and I still don’t feel like I’ve reached my full potential,” Curry said.

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